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Since 2012 MERIDIAN GERMANY supports the Indian organization NASEOH, MUMBAI, INDIA (National Society For Equal Opportunities For the Handicapped, India). Established in 1968 NASEOH has been steadily working towards developing comprehensive rehabilitation opportunities for the persons with disabilities so as to facilitate integration into the mainstream of the society and to enrich the life of persons with disabilities as well as the interfacing individuals and community.

VISION Rehabilitation of the differently abled
MISSION To enrich the lifes of differently abled persons and develop a world of equal opportunities...

To enhance the employability of the persons with disabilities, NASEOH since over a decade has been running a multi-category training centre for vocational training as well as an educational system for childeren with disabilities.

Currently, training is run in 12 areas with individualized, goal executed programme based on interest, ability, physical and mental capabilities. Opportunities are provided to the persons who have completed training at NASEOH, all students have secured employments with partner companies who support the organization.

Further fields of activities and facilities are health education and medical care service in connection with specialists/doctors and hospitals as well as support with therapeutical utilities such as e. g. wheel chairs, orthotic & prosthetic aids, etc.


Charity projects supported by Meridian Germany

One of NASEOH’s core activities is to provide Community Based Rehabilitation support to the rural persons with disabilities. The activities are conducted in the community involving the persons with disabilities and other stake holders in the community like family members of the disabled, training personnel, formal and informal community leaders, etc. The idea is to build capacities of the identified persons with disabilities within the community and support them for income generation activities and economic independence.

Currently NASEOH is engaged in providing this support to around 1250 persons with disabilities in the age group of 18 to 40 years in 122 villages in a remote tehsil which is located around 350 kms away from MUMBAI CITY. As part of the program, they provide the "vending stalls (kiosks)" to the severely disabled people and support them to set up their vending business in their respective villages.


In 2013 Meridian Germany supported NASEOH with the installation of a vending stall.




kiosk meridian deutschland 800

Von Meridian gesponserter Kiosk in Indien


 In 2015 Meridian Germany supported two additional vending stalls.


Verkaufsstand 1 Dez 2015


Verkaufsstand 2 Dez 2015


Once a year NASEOH organizes a "job fair" which provides an opportunity to the corporates intending to recruit the persons with disabilities in their respective companies and job seeking persons with disabilities.

More than 1500 persons with Locomotor disability, Speech & Hearing Impairment, Learning disability, Slow Learners and Visual Impairment attended the job fair in 2015 to seek the opportunity for employment on equal terms.

34 employers participated in the job fair representing sectors like Accounts, Finance, IT, BPO, Retail, Garment, Housekeeping, Telecom, Real Estate, Education, Banking, Insurance, etc.
Around 400 persons have been shortlisted by various companies for further screening and interviews before the final recruitment.



Letter of Thanks from NASEOH



Meridian Deutschland 1

Meridian Deutschland 2

 Meridian Deutschland 3


Meridian Deutschland 4





UPDATE (photos dated January 2017)

Two vending stalls, installed in the year 2015.



 Mr. Prakash Nibde - post polio paralyis of left lower limb.

The provision of the booth has been a great help to Mr. Prakash Nibde.
His earning capacity has improved and he has been supporting his old widow mother, wife and two daughters.
He is engaged in selling biscuits, packed confectionaries and snacks . His average earning per month is around 200 Euros.




Mr. Khalid Shaik - Speech and hearing impaired

The provision of the booth has been a great help to Mr. Khalid Shaik.
His earning capacity has improved and he has been supporting his younger brother who  is a mentally challenged and a sister.
He is engaged in selling biscuits, packed confectionaries and snacks. His average earning per month is around 125 Euros.



   Meridian Germany supported two additional kiosks in January 2017!

Photos dated November 2017 


Kavita Rokade Photo 1 Verkaufsstannd


  Kavita Rokade Photo 2 Verkaufsstand

Ms. Kavita Rokade - Post polio paralysis of both lower limb.

Update will follow.